Crystal Clear Soft Vinyl Film

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Crystal clear soft vinyl film is made from polyvinyl chloride resin and copolymer resin, blended with bio-carrier, plasticizer, stabilizer and pigment in production. With the uniform mixing, coating process or calendering, extruding process.

We supply high quality crystal clear soft vinyl film for many years. We produce crystal clear soft vinyl film products with high glossy, high transparency, little shrinkage, without distortion, good flattening, little fisheyes.

Our crystal clear soft vinyl film product is customized for color, pattern, hardness, dimension etc.

To keep the excellent performance of the inflammability, high tension, endurability to climate, aging and chemical, well stability, it is necessary to add some additives like stabilizer, lubricant, auxiliary process agent, color pigment, impact modifier etc. Vinyl film is well resistant to oxidant, reductant, and strong acids.

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