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About Us

Ningbo Tatar B2B Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company based in Ningbo, China. The company was established in 2017 and specializes in the export of various consumer products, including homeware, kitchenware, electrical appliances, lighting, and other household products.

Ningbo Tatar B2B Trading Co., Ltd. has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services. They have established relationships with a broad network of manufacturers, ensuring that they offer competitive prices for both individual and wholesale purchases.

The company follows all relevant international standards to ensure that the products they export are of the highest quality. They also conduct inspections at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that the products meet the specifications and requirements of their clients.

Additionally, Ningbo Tatar B2B Trading Co., Ltd. offers various logistics and transport solutions, including sea freight and air transport services, to provide customers with timely and efficient deliveries.

Overall, Ningbo Tatar B2B Trading Co., Ltd. is a reliable and reputable company that offers high-quality consumer products at competitive prices. They are committed to delivering excellent services to their customers and have a reputation for being trustworthy, professional, and efficient.

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