Why are more and more businesses using LCD square displays? What are its uses and advantages?

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Let's introduce the advantages of this square screen in detail.

1. What is a square LCD display? What are the features:

The lcd square display is a 1:1 absolute square LCD display with high color gamut, high contrast, and 4K resolution, and the 4K resolution allows such a large screen to have a delicate picture presentation effect. The addition of HDR technology and wider color gamut coverage make it have better picture color performance, rich interfaces, meet the connection needs of different users, and also allow you to get a better experience when using it!

The lcd square display can play video, audio, picture, text, PPT/PDF, date, clock, weather forecast, live source, AV input, dynamic form and other types of materials and objects at the same time, and the playback of each material The order, duration, etc. can be personalized. At the same time, it also supports web page crawling and APK software window opening. In addition, the combination of Kuanbo LCD square display and distributed centralized control system management also supports horizontal and vertical screen display, remote setting timer switch, remote volume control, restart operation, software upgrade, terminal monitoring statistics and role addition, Delete, set operation permissions and other functions, very smart and convenient.

2. Application fields of lcd square display screen:

Application Scenario 1: Shoes and clothing store

Through the lcd square display, it can not only display the product information on the shoes and clothing counters in real time, but also mark prices and promotional activities. The dynamic content display also effectively improves the environment of the store and the shopping experience of consumers.

Application scenario 2: high-end cosmetics cabinet

In large department stores, lcd square displays can be used as high-end cosmetics cabinet store display, real-time presentation of multimedia advertisements, cosmetics brand introduction, posters to promote diversified information, and at the same time facilitate users to establish a clearer cognition, in order to guide consumers to generate purchase desire , Increase cosmetics revenue.

In general, this lcd square display has high reliability and stability, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, excellent wide temperature working characteristics, etc. Fully meet the needs of users to promote high-quality visual images, and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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