What is the airsickness bag?

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An airsickness bag, also known as an air sickness bag, barf bag, or motion sickness bag, is a small disposable bag provided by airlines to passengers on airplanes. The purpose of an airsickness bag is to assist passengers who may experience motion sickness, nausea, or vomiting during their flight.

Airsickness bags are typically made of paper or plastic material and are designed to be lightweight, easy to open, and easy to seal. They are often placed in the seat pockets of airplane seats, making them easily accessible to passengers. When a passenger feels unwell due to factors like motion sickness, turbulence, or other causes, they can use the airsickness bag to vomit into, preventing any mess or discomfort for themselves and other passengers.

These bags play a practical role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the aircraft cabin by containing bodily fluids in a sealed container. After use, the bag can be sealed and properly disposed of by the cabin crew.

The term "airsickness bag" reflects its purpose: to provide a solution for passengers who experience nausea or sickness while traveling in the air. It's a thoughtful amenity provided by airlines to ensure the comfort and well-being of their passengers during flights.

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