What industries are waterproof breathable membranes used in?

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1: Automobile manufacturing industry

More and more high-performance vehicles and electric vehicles are increasingly relying on complex electronic components to provide good functions. These key electronic components need to be protected by safe and reliable sealed boxes, so as to avoid the sudden change of rain and snow weather for these precision electronic devices during driving. In the past, engineers and designers in the automobile manufacturing industry have used various waterproof and breathable solutions to achieve reliable protection of automotive lights, ECU electronic control units, oxygen sensors, electric window motors, automotive instrumentation and other components, but still There are some details that cannot be perfectly overcome.

2 : LED Outdoor Lighting Industry

The waterproof and breathable membrane of outdoor lighting is a kind of material with good waterproof performance, which has been widely used at present. Generally speaking, outdoor products often face damage caused by rain, air, ice, snow, wind and sand and other changeable natural weather phenomena. Influence. Therefore, for some outdoor products, due to the circuit board inside the outdoor lamp and the heat generated during use, the outdoor lamp can adapt to various weather changes (that is to say, it has good waterproof, dustproof, breathable and heat dissipation) becomes especially necessary. The waterproof and breathable membrane of outdoor lamps and lanterns of Goel waterproof membrane manufacturer satisfies the requirements of dustproof for outdoor products.

Waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation requirements.

3: Communication equipment industry

When equipment such as tower top antennas with power electronics installed is in operation, heat will accumulate inside the equipment housing. This will cause an increase in pressure, placing greater stress on the housing seal. In addition, a sudden rainstorm or strong wind may cause the temperature to drop suddenly, and then create a vacuum of 200 mbar (3 psi ) or more inside the equipment casing, which will also put greater stress on the casing sealing strip. If the pressure inside and outside the housing cannot be balanced, water, moisture, dust and dirt in the external environment will enter the inside of the housing through the sealing gap. This has the potential to adversely affect the performance of the communications equipment, resulting in more repair work or greater rework costs.

4: Precision electronics industry

Waterproof and ventilated products are installed on the equipment port, which can provide pressure relief and balance function for the equipment when the equipment is exposed to dust, splashed liquid and temporarily immersed in water. Vents provide a barrier to audio equipment from dust and splashes without appreciable loss of sound transmission, integrity, or quality. In addition, breathable products can prevent the intrusion of various daily liquids, such as carbonated drinks and coffee. Waterproof and breathable products can keep the sound quality unchanged, while providing an aesthetically pleasing cover, and building a waterproof barrier for the above elements.

5: Solar photovoltaic industry

Temperature changes, dust, dirt and moisture can have a considerable effect on the electronic components inside solar components. For example, rainfall may cause the luminaire enclosure to cool rapidly, creating a vacuum of 200mbar (3psi) or greater inside the enclosure. This will seriously affect the performance of the internal components of the housing.

6: Security equipment industry

Outdoor high-definition security monitoring equipment, dome network cameras, high-speed pan-tilt cameras and other security equipment need to work outdoors around the clock, and the environment is harsh. Especially high-definition monitoring equipment has higher quality requirements, but the following will occur during use question:

1. There is water vapor and fog in the monitoring equipment

2. Harsh environment reduces the service life of monitoring equipment

3. Dust enters the interior of the device, affecting the normal operation of components.

4. Extreme climate change leads to rapid aging of the sealing joint

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