Water-based industrial paint construction precautions

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1. When diluting with water, pay attention to the PH value of the water to prevent reaction with the Water Based Paint itself (weakly alkaline). If possible, it is recommended to use pure water; when diluting the product, follow the principle of a small amount and multiple times, and avoid once Excessive water addition;

2. Unopened products should be stored in an environment of 5-35°C in strict accordance with the product instructions, avoiding high temperature, exposure to the sun or storage below 0°C. The remaining paint should be stored separately, and the paint should be sealed and tightly covered with a cover in time, and the pH value should be maintained at 7.5-8.5 when reusing;

3. During the construction of self-drying paint, if the temperature is lower than 5°C or the humidity is higher than 75%, appropriate heating measures should be taken or the drying time should be prolonged, and the ventilation should be increased to promote its drying;

4. When drying the paint film after painting, the temperature of the spraying room and leveling room should be controlled at 15-30°C and the humidity at 30-75%. Dryness is affected;

5. When the workpiece is sprayed and the paint film is not completely dry, the substrate temperature must be more than 3 degrees higher than the dew point temperature, so as to avoid moisture condensation and affect the film performance;

6. The actual coating rate of the paint depends on the construction tools, personnel proficiency, the shape of the substrate, the construction environment and the characteristics of the surface (rough, smooth).

7. During the use of the product, prevent cross-contamination with solvent-based products, which will affect the surface effect of the coating. The coating environment should be kept clean. For example, the amount of dust in the environment should be controlled, otherwise the coated paint film will not appear on the surface. When it is dry, dust will fall on it, which will affect the surface effect. The high-gloss paint has stricter environmental requirements, and a dust-free spray booth is recommended;

8. Before spraying, check whether the air pump and the pressure of the air pump are normal, whether the air supply can meet the needs of normal spraying, and whether there is water or oil in the air pump for air spraying. The air pump is small, the air supply pressure is low, the air supply is insufficient, and the atomization effect of the spray paint is poor, the spraying format is small, and the spraying efficiency is low; the air contains water, and the sprayed paint film is prone to small bubbles, and the air contains oil, and the paint film is prone to shrinkage. . These film surface defects will affect the normal use of the paint.

9. During construction, it is strictly forbidden to mix with other paints of different brands and organic solvents to prevent deterioration. After the construction of the two-component product is completed, the utensils used should be rinsed with clean water immediately to prevent severe curing under the action of the curing agent and affect the use of the equipment.

10. For the dip coating process, according to different workpiece shapes and different paint thicknesses, adjust different viscosities, perform regular maintenance, measure PH value, and add corresponding additives.

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